Our main mission is to create luxury attire with character, but in a sustainable way. That’s why we follow our two main values – thoughtful sourcing of the fabrics that we use and local production.

We’re centered around small collections, made from “dead stock fabrics” – the excess fabrics that are left behind by other fashion companies. They otherwise would be cast aside, finding their way in a dusty warehouse or a landfill. The fabrics that we rescue give us the chance to work with the best materials we can source and breathe our signature style into them in a sustainable manner.

Since day one our main idea was to produce in our local region of Veliko Tarnovo. Producing locally ensures a lower carbon footprint and gives a chance to our team to ensure the prime quality of each piece. Veliko Tarnovo is our hometown and we proudly support the craftsmanship and dedication that are established in the region.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to do better in our manufacturing process and implementing the best practices. Sustainable values are fundamental to us not only as a brand, but as people.